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Threat Vulnerability Assessments

Developed in an integrated manner, the various components of emergency preparedness form the basis of Fortress' Security and Emergency Preparedness Sustainability System, the foundation of our emergency planning philosophy.

Mitigation Plans

Emergency Management Plans

Standard Operating Procedures


Drills & Exercises


1. Threat Vulnerability Assessments

4. Standard Operating Procedures

TVAs are the foundation upon which all security programs are built. TVAs entail identifying and assessing the critical assets for the organization, which include people, facilities, equipment, processes, and information.


SOPs are the performance-based checklists and protocols that transform the policies and concepts contained in the emergency operations plan into the specific guidance to all key personnel during emergency operations. 

2. Mitigation


5. Training

A typical threat and hazard mitigation plan takes the results of the TVA and develops a systematic mitigation strategy that identifies the most vulnerable assets and a prioritized approach to projects that will reduce vulnerabilities.


Fortress develops emergency response training programs that allow the elements of a newly created or existing program to be effectively transmitted into and throughout the clientís organization. This includes both plans and procedures.

3. Emergency Management Plans


6. Drills and Exercises

Fortressí typical emergency operations plan outlines the roles and responsibilities for each of the departments within the organization by delineating the sequence of actions that the organization will follow during an emergency.


A formal and well-developed drill/exercise program validates the concepts and policies that are embedded in the emergency preparedness program and tests the organizationís capabilities to prepare and respond as called for.


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