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A formal and well-developed drill/exercise program validates the concepts and policies that are embedded in the Emergency Operations Plan and SOPs and tests the organizationís capability to execute their actions in an effective and integrated manner. Fortress is very familiar with the development and evaluation of HSEEP based drills/exercises and has conducted several such exercises involving transportation agencies.

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  • Seminars (An informal discussion, designed to orient participants to new or updated plans, policies, or procedures)
  • Workshops (Resembles a seminar but is employed to build specific products, such as a draft plan or policy)
  • Table Tops (A structured and prompt driven scenario discussion between key personnel)
  • Games (simulations of operations that often involve two or more teams, usually in a competitive environment, using rules, data, and procedure designed to depict an actual or assumed real-life situation)
  • Drills (Drills conducted both on or off hours to test the acknowledgement and response to an incident/emergency notification or call out)
  • Functional Exercises (Structured, objective driven drills involving a scenario that focuses on and tests a single internal function such as security, fire, hazmat, etc.)
  • Full Scale Exercises (Structured, objective driven exercises involving a scenario that tests multiple organizational functions and integration/coordination with other agencies)

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